Aliados for Mental Health

I. History & Mission Statement:

 Aliados for Mental Health was initiated by a group of clinical psychology students who met at the William Alanson White Institute's 2010 conference on Diversity in the Consulting Room. As students, they were interested in addressing the need for bilingual and Spanish-speaking supervision for neophyte mental health professionals (e.g. social workers, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists) interested in providing culturally competent mental health services to the Latino community. Furthermore, they also wanted to provide networking, mentoring, and community opportunities for Latino mental health students and their allies. Thus, Aliados for Mental Health seeks to fulfill a number of related goals.

 II. Group Goals:

  1. Spanish-speaking & Bilingual Supervision:

 The group seeks to promote Spanish-speaking and bilingual treatment as a central and primary goal. To further this goal, Aliados for Mental Health will seek out Spanish-Speaking social workers, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists who are licensed and already established in their careers, and help connect them with social work, clinical psychology, and psychiatry students interested in providing Spanish-speaking psychotherapy. Mental health students from diverse backgrounds who are interested in providing Spanish-speaking treatment are encouraged to join, and help seek out professionals from their respective fields who can provide relevant supervision. Depending on available resources and level of need, supervision may be carried out one-on-one, or in small groups (e.g. one supervisor per 3 students).

   2. Fellowship, Mentoring, and Community:

 The group has a broader but equally important goal of providing fellowship, mentoring, and networking opportunities to Latino mental health students and their allies. Peer support and mentoring by established professionals will be encouraged, and information on relevant scholarships, externships, programs, and conferences will be made available.

 III. Our Medium:

  We are currently still building and developing Aliados. We have a google group up at http://groups.google.com/group/aliados-for-mental-health which we are using as our main hub for communication and membership. We will also use it in the future to facilitate communication and networking between students and professionals. Please see the "Community" page for more information on joining Aliados as a student or professional.

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