The   A L H A M B R A   in Sliema

Will you be the proud owner of this historical and artistic property....



Be the envy of other business owners by having this unique property as your business address.

The Alhambra is an icon in the heart of Sliema. It is irreplaceable.

Built in the 1880s by the renowned architect Emmanuele Luigi Galizia (1830-1906) it was used by the architect himself as his summer residence. 

Some 5 generations after him had occupied the Alhambra. It was well kept until recently when maintaining it was becoming a challenge to the ageing occupants. Reluctantly the place had to be sold off on condition that it is preserved for future generations.

The value of the place does not only lie in the fact that it is built by a famous Maltese architect. There is another factor for adding to the value and prestige of the property.

In the hallway there are 4 authentic frescoes by Guizeppe Cali (1846-1930) himself which are still well preserved and give a touch of colour, freshness and vivaciousness to the place. These are known as The Four seasons and were intended as a tribute to Vivaldi. 

Few know of their existance.

This villa is now a Grade 1 listed property. Together with its garden and interior it must be saved for future generations.

Besides the garden, this residence has large rooms with fireplaces and a basement with further rooms - some 12 in all. Stained glass in woodwork is authentic and offers great potential to a business entity with creative insights.

Much has been recently done in the way of maintenance. Further care is needed by someone who appreciates its intrinsic and distinctive qualities.

The large garden has good potential in being incorporated into the business setup such as a tea garden, and can be reached from another street at the back.




NOW is the chance

to grab this opportunity of owning 

the place



      • because it is currently on offer at a good revised price due to recent economic climate
      • because it is a unique property which is irreplaceable
      • because it is a collaboration of the best Maltese painter and a leading architect of the time in one project
      • because the buyer would be the proud owner of a piece of Maltese heritage
      • because the owner would certainly have a prestigious address to his business


You are welcome to make an appointment for viewing on 00356 99240979 or send an email to for more information.

Don't miss this chance - you may not have another opportunity to make it yours.


ps - private owners are also welcome to consider ownership of the Alhambra.