Albert C. Houghton

-buys into the company


Albert C. Houghton was known as North Adams' first mayor. It was 1874 when Albert C. Houghton purchased an  

interest in the company, but in 1876 Arnold Print Works went under.

David A. Brayton came to the rescue with the necessary funds to renew the business. Houghton and Brayton

became business partners and  thought very highly of one another, in a speech given by Houghton he says "David

A. Brayton is the restorer, as Mr. Arnold

was the originator...At the time of hardest trial, when friends were faint and foes were fierce, he took upon

himself our jeopardy, and gave his capital and his business fame to our support...he was the most remarkable

business associate and leader the Arnold Print Work has...".