Elite People Search

Perform searches for people in the USA by state, county, and city. Elite People Search provides the name, addresses, phone numbers, and age associated with an individual from public records.

Click here if you see this when trying to install for Mac:

  • Elimination of duplicate search results
  • Elimination of extraneous search results
  • Multiple searches at once
  • Searches by state, county, and city
  • Detection of multiple phone numbers matching to one person
  • Detection of multiple ages matching to one person
  • Printing of search results
  • Tabular display and manipulation of search results

  1. How do I perform a search? Type in the names that you want to search for in the search box, one name per line. Each name must be entered in one of the following formats:

  2. 1) FirstName MiddleNameOrInitial LastName
    2) FirstName LastName
    3) LastName, FirstName MiddleNameOrInitial
    4) LastName, FirstName

    Each name can only contain the letters A-Z (upper and lower case), hyphens, periods, and single quotes. Each name must be on a separate line. An example of a valid query is:

        John Brown
        John D. Brown
        John D Brown
        John Dan Brown
        Brown, John
        Brown, John D.
        Brown, John D
        Brown, John Dan

    Once you have typed in the above query you would simply click the search button. Then, each of the 8 names would be searched for.