The List of accepted papers (in no particular order.)

Computing the Dynamic Diameter of Non-Deterministic Dynamic Networks is Hard. Emmanuel Godard and Dorian Mazauric. 

Fast Rendezvous with Advice. Avery Miller and Andrzej Pelc.

Multi-Robot Foremost Coverage of Time-varying Graphs. Eric Aaron, Danny Krizanc and Elliot Meyerson.

Interference Minimization in Asymmetric Sensor Networks. Yves Brise, Kevin Buchin, Dustin Eversmann, Michael Hoffmann and Wolfgang Mulzer.

Exploiting Geometry in the SINRk Model.  Rom Aschner, Gui Citovsky and Matthew Katz.

Strategies for Parallel Unaware Cleaners.  Christian Ortolf and Christian Schindelhauer.

Gathering of Oblivious Robots over Fixed Points.  Serafino Cicerone, Gabriele Di Stefano and Alfredo Navarra.

Minimum Latency Aggregation Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks. Jonathan Gagnon and Lata Narayanan.

The Multi-source Beachcombers' Problem.  Jurek Czyzowicz, Leszek Gasieniec, Konstantinos Georgiou, Evangelos Kranakis and Fraser MacQuarrie.

Improved Spanners in Networks with Symmetric Directional Antennas. Stefan Dobrev and Milan Plžík.