Fall 2011, IT University of Copenhagen

Algorithms seminar

We are organizing bi-weekly meetings at the IT University, Wednesdays 10-12 AM in room 3A07, on research topics in algorithms. 
The theme for this semester "topics that led to Turing and Knuth awards". Topics that might lead to such awards in the future are also possible. The seminar has been approved by ITU's PhD school for 3 ECTS.
Example papers falling within the theme:

Approximate linear algebra (Ravi Kannan):
Leslie Valiant's work:
  • Valiant. A bridging model for multi-core computing
  • Valiant. Evolvability
  • Valiant. Holographic Algorithms
  • Valiant. Accidental Algorthims
  • Valiant. Three problems in computer science
  • Valiant. Projection Learning
  • Valiant. Rationality
  • Kearns, Li, Valiant. Learning Boolean Formulas
  • ...

Confirmed participants (not all every week):
  • Rasmus Pagh, ITU
  • Thore Husfeldt, ITU
  • Jesper Larsson, ITU
  • Nina Taslaman, ITU
  • Konstantin Kutzkow, ITU
  • Ninh Pham, ITU
  • Dan Witzner Hansen, ITU.
  • Carsten Witt, DTU
  • Morten Stöckel, DTU
  • Søren Bøg, DTU
  • Hjalte Wedel Vildhøj, DTU