break out groups

We will have 6 breakout groups. Each will have a chair(s), a committee, and a group comprising some of attendees. Each breakout group will discuss their specific focus topic as well as 8F issues in their focus topic. The chair and committee will lead the discussion, collect material, and then summarize the findings for all the attendees.

Here is a tentative list of breakout groups and committees.
  • [Data] How to acquire, manage data and support data applications?
    Phil Gibbons (c), Ron Fagin, Alon Halevy, Sergei Vassilvitskii, Lise Getoor
    Sensors, open source data collection, cloud and distributed databases, ...
  • [Data to Information] How to analyze data, mine and predict?
    Inderjit Dhillon (c),  Tina Eliassi-Rad(c), Peter Bartlett(c), Kristen Grauman, David Jensen, Moses Charikar, Andrew McGregor
    Statistical analsis, data mining, machine learning, streaming analysis, sparse representations, ...
  • [Networking Systems and Applications] How to connect and manage devices, locations and applications?
    Paul Barford (c), Sudipto Guha, Dina Katabi, Aloysius Mok, Jennifer Rexford
    Next gen networks, managing networks by learning, web-based experiments, real time applications and scheduling, cloud, crowdsourcing. 
  • [Social] How to understand, enable and optimize social interactions?
    Tanya Berger-Wolf (c),  D. Sivakumar, Graham Cormode, Jennifer Neville
    Online and offline social interactions, structural sociology theory, recommendations, data mining with social data, ...
  • [Core Algorithms] What are core algorithmic models and methods, past, ongoing, and for the next two decades?
    Suresh Venkatasubramanian (c), Bettina Speckman, Vijaya Ramachandran, David Eppstein, Piotr Indyk
    Approximate, parallel, geometry, linear algebra, topics:robotics/medicine.
  • [8F] How to define and develop 8F?
    David Johnson (c), Cliff Stein, Bob Sedgewick, Dennis Shasha, Eugene Fiume.
    Education, software, textbook materials, awards, definition, examples of successes, challenges.