#algthinking2017 Schedule

NOTE: We will start at the listed times, NOT "Berkeley time" (10 minutes late)!

Friday, May 5

Location: The Berkeley Social Science Matrix, 8th Floor Barrows Hall

9:00Authors' Breakfast (at hotel)

9:30Coffee, Opening Remarks by Massimo Mazzotti on "Algorithmic Life"
10:00Public Presentations

Amir Alexander. The Orderly Universe: How the Calculus became an Algorithm.

Michael Barany. “Some call it Arsmetrike, and some Awgryme”: Misprision and precision in algorithmic thinking and learning in 1543 and beyond.

Abram Kaplan. A Preliminary Look at the Use of Algorithms in Demonstrations in the Late Sixteenth-Century Ars Magna.

Kevin Lambert. Material Mathematics: British Algebra as Algorithmic Mathematics.

Caitlin C. Rosenthal. Numbers for the Innumerate: Algorithmic Thinking and Atlantic Capitalism.

Theodora Dryer. Mathematical Statistics and The New Deal: A Political History of Algorithmic Thinking in U.S. Agriculture, 1933-1939.

Christopher Phillips. Inference Rituals: Algorithms and the history of statistical testing.

Andrew Fiss. “For Computing is our duty”: How Women Became Computers.

Stephanie Dick. That is not Why: Case Studies in Algorithmic Thinking.


12:30Closed Authors' Workshop


5:45Walk to Dinner

6:00Authors' Dinner

Saturday, May 6

Location: The Center for Science, Technology, Medicine & Society (CSTMS), 470 Stephens Hall

 9:30 Authors' Breakfast (at hotel)

10:00Closed Authors' Workshop