#aic2016 Timeline

  • June 30, 2016: abstracts due from authors.
  • August 15, 2016: authors selected to submit full papers and participate in conference.
  • November 14, 2016: full papers due.
  • December 1-2, 2016: public conference and closed workshop at U.C. Berkeley for submission authors to present papers and receive feedback from special edition editors and fellow authors.
  • January 9, 2017: Revised papers due from authors, sent out to external reviewers for double-blind peer review.
  • February 13 March 1, 2017: Peer reviews sent to authors, contents of special issues determined. Note that papers may be cut at this point.
  • March 24 April 7, 2017: Revised papers due. Papers are reviewed by editors and sent for a second round of peer review as needed.
  • April 28, 2017: Special issues are finalized, sent to editorial teams of journals. Note that the journal editorial teams reserve the right to make further cuts at their discretion.

#aic2016 Manuscript Guidelines

We borrow many of these guidelines from Big Data & Society, as it is the more restrictive of the two journals.

Please target 8,000 words for the text of your submission, and draw on these excellent compilations of related work in specifying your contribution to algorithm studies.

Please include:

(1) A title page with all authors' names and institutions, plus contact information for the corresponding author.

(2) An abstract of up to 250 words. This should briefly specify (a) the purpose of the submission, (b) the approach/design/methodology used, (c) the main findings of the submission; (d) the implications of these findings, including possible limitations.

(3) Up to 6 keywords for your submission.

(4) Main text, targeting no more than 8,000 words (including endnotes and references). Please use a 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1" margins. Text should be clearly organized, with a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings and quotations exceeding 40 words displayed, indented, in the text. Tables and Figures should be included in the main text if created in MS Word or else supplied separately with a clear placeholder in the main text. All figures and tables should be clearly captioned.

(5) References, 12-point, can be single-spaced. Use Harvard referencing style.

(6) Endnotes, 12-point, can be single-spaced.

See the journal submission guidelines for more: