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Thank you entrance Decor Volunteers

As we switched over to 2nd semester, we hope our Seniors were cheered by the balloons and decorations adorning the entrances! One more semester to go!

Thank you volunteers and school office staff; the APTO is always glad to help out.

Help our class of 2021 celebrate their special year

To Donate: (suggested $21)

Thank you for attending the informational Zoom on Feb 8th. Please note, this effort is separate and in addition to what event(s) the school is planning. Treat bag for Seniors is funded entirely by the APTO and has no access or connection to class dues paid to the school.

The APTO has organized a volunteer effort to gift treat bags to the senior class during the week of the 21st each month, February-May. Volunteers who sign up are being sent email invites to join monthly Facebook task groups. There are many ways you can volunteer - pickup goodies, assembling the treat bags, delivery to school/SARP, engage your favorite businesses to provide gift certificates/coupons/goodies, be group leaders/planners, etc.

We understand if you do not have time to volunteer. Your Donation (suggested $21) will go a long way to make our effort as special as the class of 2021 rightly deserves it to be (junior prom & senior ball were cancelled due to COVID)!

NEXT APTO Board Meeting, tues, 3/9/21, 6:30-8:00pm

Please register for the APTO Board Meeting on Tuesday March 9th from 6:30-8pm, held via Zoom. You will automatically get a zoom link once you register. Thank you for participating in the APTO!

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spring fling (hopefully)

Planted about 100 tulip bulbs between the front main entrance and the 4 beds by the soccer fields this weekend. Thankful for the good rain from mother nature today! The bulbs were donated by Wicked Tulips Flower Farm, RI and graciously alerted and picked up for the APTO by Laurie Covino. We still have a bag of medium bulbs (may or may not flower in spring but need to grow). If anyone would like to help, please email or message on facebook to schedule a time.

cOVID-19 updates & helpful community LiNKS!

Please know through all these stressful and dramatically changing times, the Algonquin PTO is with working to make things easier. In order to ensure you have all the information you need to weather this pandemic, we have put together some helpful links. Please feel free to add to these resources by sending us an email or commenting via our social media posts. Much thanks to Laura Ziton for supplying some of the links. School nurse, Ms. Caron, shared a great article about the positive impact social distancing can have on the spread of a virus and here is one more on the importance of establishing a routine when your regular one has been disrupted.

Free Travel Test Sites:

AFC, Marlborough https://www.afcurgentcaremarlborough.com/

New England Sports Center, Marlborough https://www.umassmemorialhealthcare.org/marlborough-hospital/patients-visitors/patient-resources/covid-19-dph-testing-site-marlborough-hospital

Project Beacon, Framingham https://www.mass.gov/info-details/regional-express-covid-19-testing-sites-in-massachusetts#framingham-testing-location-

Walgreens (Ashland, Worcester, Medway, Framingham)


FEE Travel Test Sites:

CVS (Shrewsbury, Framingham, Milford)--For travel testing, there is a fee- Not covered by insurance, book online


CareWell-(Northborough, Framingham)--For travel testing, there is a fee--Not covered by insurance, book online


ARC Labs, Southborough. Not covered by insurance, book online


ProEMS, Cambridge, Not covered by insurance, book online


CIC: Newton, Cambridge, Not covered by insurance, book online


Vacation Stay Safe Activities:



Travel Related Information:






Informational Webinar for Parents Recording - Replay. The passcode is *^vvMHR8. Presentation Slides, FAQs Doc.

Tues, October 6 - SCHOOL In-person hybrid model 7:20am - 1:50pm as per assigned cohort. Schedule is in the presentation slides.

Stand Alone Remote Program: fully remote option all through the year will follow the same calendar as initially remote & hybrid in-person. Details and a separate webinar have been emailed to all parents who have taken that option.

PowerSchool (formerly iPass) - Instructive emails have been sent to students to login and see schedules for the year. Parent login email to be provided later. Questions: regionaltech@nsboro.k12.ma.us

Changes/Concerns about schedules - Please complete Guidance Dept. change form (corresponding to student's respective guidance counselor) or contact administrator assigned to your child's grade as follows:

  1. AP McGowan A101 (Gold Office) – Grade 9, Grade 10: A-C (amcgowan@nsboro.k12.ma.us)

  2. AP McDonald H212 (Maroon Office) – Grade 11 All, Grade 12: A-C (tmcdonald@nsboro.k12.ma.us)

  3. AP Carmignani A101 (Gold Office) – Grade 10: D-Z, Grade: 12 D-Z (ccarmignani@nsboro.k12.ma.us)

Parking Permit: Agreement & on-line payment

Dismissal/ tardy/late arrival form: Please complete this form if your child is arriving to school late or if you are dismissing them early. Students age 18 can fill in the form themselves. Submit the form before the start of that school day. For early dismissals students have to go to the gold or maroon office and scan something into their phones to check out. Late arrivals will scan their new ID cards which the school is working on distributing.

JPPP update

JPPP is postponed temporarily due to COVID safety reasons.