3. Iroquois vs. Algonquian

"Have you ever heard of the Iroquois people? The Iroquois and the Algonquian both lived in New York. But we are not the same people. We don’t even speak the same language! 

Here, I’ll show you! Look at the map below. My tribes who are the Algonquian are in the orange. The Iroquois tribe is in purple."

Now turn to page 82 in your textbook and answer 

this question: In what part of today’s New York did

the Algonquian live?


One thing the Algonquian do have in common with the Iroquois people is that we both live near forest. Can you guess why both tribes would want to live near forests? 

If you guess wood and food then you are correct! 

Using the natural resources from the forest nearby, the tribes built shelters and tools from the wood. They also hunted animals to eat and to use their fur for clothing. In the forest the tribes could also plant corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. Yummy!