AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 2    2017     BELFAST     

                                 Joint with ARTIN meeting    
To be Held at the Queen's University Belfast

  • Speakers:

  • Vladimir Bavula (Sheffield, UK)
  • Edwin Beggs (Swansea, UK)
  • Arkadiy Berenstein (Oregon, USA)
  • Dennis Borisov (Goettingen, Germany)
  • Ken Brown* (Glasgow, UK)
  • Tomasz Brzezinski (Swansea, UK)
  • Dietrich Burde (Vienna, Austria)
  • Paula Carvalho (Porto, Portugal)
  • Dmitry Gurevich (Valenciennes, France)
  • David Jordan (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Paris, France)
  • Arnfinn Laudal (Oslo, Norway)
  • Christian Lomp (Porto, Portugal)
  • Ian Musson (Wisconsin, USA)
  • Goetz Pfeiffer (Galway, Ireland)
  • Dmitri Piontkovski (Moscow, Russia)
  • Maria Ronco (Valparaiso, Chile)
  • Vladimir Rubtsov (Angers, France)
  • Dimitri Rumynin (Warwik, UK)
  • Sue Sierra (Edinburgh, UK)
  • Agata Smoktunowicz (Edinburgh, UK)

(* - to be confirmed)

If you would like to REGISTER and/or suggest a talk please e-mail your name, affilliation, dates of arrival/ departure and the title/abstract (TeX file) to Natalia Iyudu at:

There is a possibility to support attendance for several UK based research students,

please write to the above address for details.


We will consider noncommutative quadratic algebras, nonassociative algebras, and more general structures appeared in various applications, in particular in physics, analysis, geometry, topology, homotopy theory, and coding theory.

Topics of our attention include, but are not limited to the following:

  * Algebras given by relations including quadratic and potential algebras, and generalizations, such as operads, and A-infinity structures;

  * Combinatorics of defining relations, particularly combinatorics and dynamics of words; semigroups and      semigroup algebras;

  * Properties of various generating series associated to rings, Hilbert series, growth, combinatorics of primes;

  * Homological properties, properties of the Koszul and other complexes;

  * Sklyanin algebras and generalizations ;

  * Representation spaces, moduli spaces; deformation theory;

  * Structures related to operads featured in  physics, geometry, topology, homotopy theory

  * Novikov structures and pre-Lie algebras, Leibnitz algebras, other non-associative structures;

  * Poisson structures and symplrectic structures;

  * Yang-Baxter equations and braces, connections to other structures;

  * Computational aspects of the above, in particular, related to the Groebner bases theory

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 ABSTRACTS and PROGRAM       Note that we will have a NEW CONFERENCE VENUE:

                                                         The MATHEMATICS and PHYSICS TEACHING CENTRE
                                                          LECTURE HALL 2, on the Ground Floor.
          are  ATTACHED                     It is  sepaprate  building, very close to the Lanyon Building,
                                                          the only entrance is facing the Lanyon Building.
at the  bottom of the page                 It is shown in the attached CAMPUS MAP (together with the old venue) 

                                We are grateful for the support of the London Mathematical Society 


                        Natalia Iyudu:

                        Stanislav Shkarin: 



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