Online Calculators

     - Good for graphing
      - Good for everything else   
        (Note: to do exponents, you have to type the  ^ symbol.  Hold SHIFT and press 6)
Below is the link to download a virtual calculator. Follow the directions and they will have access to a graphing calculator . It doesn't look exactly like the calculator at first, but if you follow the directions in step 2 the calculator will show up.
1. Install the program using all the normal "next" prompts.....when done it will ask you to reboot. Be sure to do this to finish the install.
2. After you reboot - there is a new icon on your desktop called "TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger". To activate this do the usual double-click to open the program. When the program opens - under the FILE menu, choose "New" and then choose the calculator of your choice (usually TI-83 Plus Silver Edition) followed by OK. Another window comes up - Choose the Play arrow. The simulator opens up and you can use it like a regular calculator. You can minimize the other open windows to get them out of the way and you can move the calculator by dragging the blue bar at the top. You cannot resize the calculator. DO NOT Close the debugging window. If you do so the calculator will close as well.