Orlando 2017

Algebraic curves and their applications

Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting

University of Central Florida, Orlando, Orlando, FL

September 23-24, 2017 (Saturday - Sunday)

Meeting #1133


    • Lubjana Beshaj, West Point Military Academy Email: Lubjana.Beshaj@usma.edu


Algebraic curves are one of the most studied areas of mathematics which create a very nice mixture of classical theoretical results with applications. In this session we intend to bring together researchers from academia and industry and provide a platform for discussing algebraic curves and their applications in industry such as robotics, automotive security, cryptography, mathematical physics, etc.

Topics of the session include, but are not limited to:

    • Curves defined over the complex numbers
    • Thetanulls for superelliptic curves
    • Moduli spaces and their stratification
    • Equations of curves over their minimal field of definition
    • Field of moduli versus the field of definition
    • Models of curves with minimal height
    • Neron-Tate models of superelliptic curves
    • Moduli height of curves
    • Counting of curves in the moduli space
    • Jacobians of curves and their decompositions
    • Algebraic curves and mathematical physics
    • Tropical Curves
    • Tropical curves and their automorphisms
    • Tropical superelliptic curves
    • Algebraic curves and cryptography
    • Algebraic curves and their use in industrial applications
    • others

Deadline for abstracts:

August 1, 2017


Title: Algebraic Curves and Applications

Editors: Lubjana Beshaj and Tony Shaska

Publisher: Contemporary Math. (AMS)

Deadline for papers October 30


  • Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Hyperelliptic Curve Cryptography
  • Decomposition of Jacobians of Hyperelliptic Curves
  • Algebraic curves and automotive security
  • Arithmetic of genus 2 curves
  • Genus 3 hyperelliptic curves
  • Superelliptic curves and cryptography
  • Isogeny-based cryptography
  • Arithmetic of superelliptic curves
  • From hyperelliptic to superelliptic curves
  • Tropical superelliptic curves
  • others


There will be a dinner for all the session participants and their guests in one of the local restaurants. More details to come soon.



Here is the website of the session from AMS including instructions how to submit abstracts

Talks (in the order they were received)

    • From hyperelliptic to superelliptic curves,
    • T. Shaska
    • A Family of Non-normal Double Planes Associated to Hyperelliptic Curves,
    • Timothy J. Ford
    • Covers of elliptic curves and good reduction,
    • James Phillips
    • Bounds for the Mordell-Weil rank of certain families of jacobians of hyperelliptic curves defined over Q, Alvaro Lozano-Robledo, Harris B. Daniels, Erik Wallace
    • Loci of genus two curves with marked Weierstrass points,
    • Renzo Cavalieri, Nicola Tarasca
    • Constructing hyperelliptic curves of genus 3 whose Jacobians have CM,
    • Jennifer S. Balakrishnan, Sorina Ionica, Kristin Lauter, Christelle Vincent
    • Local-to-Global Principles for Galois Covers of Curves in Characteristic p,
    • Renee Hyunjeong Bell
    • Some Applications of the Hasse-Weil Bound,
    • Xiang-dong Hou
    • Torsion subgroups of rational elliptic curves over infinite extensions of Q,
    • Harris B. Daniels
    • Interpolation problems for curves in projective space,
    • Isabel Vogt
    • The Local Lifting Problem for D4D4,
    • Bradley Weaver
    • Degrees of CM Points on X1(M,N)X1(M,N).
    • A. Bourdon, P. L. Clark
    • The auto-Igusa zeta function of a plane curve singularity is rational,
    • A. Stout
    • Reduction of Binary Forms via the Hyperbolic Centroid,
    • A. Elezi, T. Shaska
    • A Quantum Algorithm for Computing Isogenies between Supersingular Elliptic Curves, Jean-Francois Biasse