Conference on Arithmetic Geometry
December 9-17, 2017
Rochester, Michigan

The conference will be organized by the RISAT group in algebra/algebraic geometry and will celebrate the 10-th anniversary of the Albanian J. Math. and Prof. Shaska's 50-th birthday. We expect to fund 20-30 participants and have 5 days of workshops and talks in arithmetic geometry. There will be high profile speakers from UK, Germany, Italy, and the US. 


Arithmetic geometry is the study of the solutions in k^n of a system of polynomials in n variables with coefficients in a ring k such that k=Z, Q, Z/pZ, or a Dedekind domain. The subject is a combination of algebraic number theory, commutative algebra, and algebraic geometry.  During the last 30-40 years the subject has seen many developments both theoretical and computational. In this section we intend to bring together experts in the area provide survey talks on the subject and recent developments.  Computational aspects of arithmetic geometry and applications in cryptography and coding theory will be encouraged. 

Topics of the session include, but are not limited to:

  • Integral extensions and integral closure
  • Algebraic curves 
  • Jacobians of algebraic curves, rational torsion points in the Jacobian etc.
  • Computational number theory, rational points on curves,
  • Curves defined over Q
  • Minimal discriminants and conductors
  • Selmer groups in Jacobians
  • Arithmetic invariant theory
  • The arithmetic of hyperelliptic curves
  • Pairings and Weil descent
  • Mordell-Weil group
  • Arithmetic Mirror Symmetry
  • others
Speakers  (TBA)

Schedule  (TBA)