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                    Algebraic Curves and their Applications

                    Spring Central Sectional Meetings

                    in Ohio State University

                    March 17—18, 2018

                    Meeting # 1136


Artur Elezi

 Artur Elezi  

Department of Mathematics

American University

Washington DC

Monika Polak

Monika Polak
Dep. of Computer Science

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

Tony Shaska

Tony Shaska

Department of Mathematics

Oakland University

Rochester, MI 48386  


    Algebraic curves are one of the most studied areas of mathematics which create a very nice mixture of classical theoretical results with applications. In this session     we intend to bring together researchers who work in some of the areas described below

  • Equations of curves over their minimal field of definition

  • Field of moduli versus the field of definition

  • Neron-Tate models

  • Jacobians of curves and their decompositions

  • Selmer groups in Jacobians

  • Geometry of moduli spaces

  • Limit linear series and Brill-Noether theory

  • Pencils of genus-two curves

  • Period integrals for higher-genus curves

  • Aomoto-Gel’fand and GKZ systems, A-hypergeometric functions, Appell-functions

  • K3 surfaces related to genus-two curves and to the six-line configuration

  • Kuga-Satake variety of Abelian surfaces

  • Prym varieties and their moduli

  • Mirror symmetry

  • Heterortic/F-theory duality in the presence of Wilson lines

  • Seiberg-Witten curves and Dessins d’enfant

  • Tropical curves, automorphisms of tropical curves

  • Elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography

  • Automotive security, embedded systems

  • Algebraic curves and their applications in industrial applications

  • Post-quantum elliptic curve cryptography on embedded devices

  • others

  • Deadline:  January 22, 2018
  • Submission: Click on the AMS Website