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Rochester 2018

Post quantum elliptic and hyperelliptic curve cryptography on embedded systems

Oakland University,  Rochester, MI

Tony ShaskaOrganizer:

Tony Shaska,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Oakland University
146 Library Drive546 Mathematics Science Center
Rochester MI 48309-4479

The conference is cancelled!  Our NSA proposal was denied.


The prospect of quantum computers is a threat against the security of currently used public key cryptographic algorithms. Public key cryptosystems including RSA and ECC/HCC will be broken by quantum algorithms. Although large-scale quantum computers do not yet exist, the goal of current research is to develop quantum-resistant cryptosystems.

This conference will explore elliptic curve crypto and post-quantum schemes (SIDH), quantum security of current elliptic curve schemes (DLP), NTRU cryptosystems. In particular we are interested in isogenies-based cryptography. This conference will provide preliminary results on developing fast algorithms and architectures for post-quantum cryptographic computations suitable for emerging embedded systems.

  • There will be no registration fee for all the participants. 
  • For those who are interested to speak or participate at the conference and want to secure a spot, please fill this form.  
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There will be proceedings of the conference. The venue of publication will be announced in due time.