Algebraic Curves and their Applications,

Editors: L. Beshaj, T. Shaska, Contemporary Math. American Math. Soc. (2019), vol. 724.


  1. B. Bekker and Y. Zarhin, Families of elliptic curves with rational torsion points of even order
  2. L, Beshaj and S. Guest, The weighted moduli space of binary sextics
  3. T. Ford, A family of nonnormal double planes associated to hyperelliptic curves
  4. S. Otake and T. Shaska On the discriminant of a certain quadrinomials
  5. T. Dokchitser, V. Dokchitser, C. Maistret, A. Morgan, Semistable types of hyperelliptic curves
  6. A. Stout, Formal deformations of algebraic spaces and generalizations of the motivic Igusa-zeta function
  7. J. Mandili and T. Shaska, Computation of heights on weighted projective varieties
  8. L. Beshaj, M. Polak, On hyperelliptic curves of genus 3
  9. A. Broughton, T. Shaska, A. Wooton, On automorphisms of algebraic curves
  10. I. Cortazaar, A. Costa, On the algebraic classification of subgroups of hyperebolic planar crystallographic groups
  11. Emilio Bujalance, Marston D.E. Conder, Antonio F. Costa, and Milagros Izquierdo, On regular dessins d’enfants with 4g automorphisms and a curve of Wiman
  12. R. Hidalgo, An explicit descent of real algebraic varieties
  13. E. Previato, Curves in isomonodromy and isospectral deformations: Painlev ́e VI as a case study
  14. N.Boston and J.Hao, Quasi-quadratic residue codes and hyperelliptic curves
  15. G. Frey and T. Shaska, Curves, Jacobians, and cryptography.
Algebraic curves and their applications

Higher genus curves in mathematical physics and arithmetic geometry, Eds A. Malmendier, T. Shaska, Contemporary Math. American Math. Soc. vol. 703, (2018), xii+359 pp.Contents

  • A Lower Bound for the Number of Finitely Maximal $C_p$-Actions on a Compact Oriented Surface, J. Russell, A. Wootton
  • Galois action on regular dessins d'enfant with simple group action, S. Allen Broughton
  • Equations of Riemann surfaces with automorphisms, D. Swinarski
  • On the field of moduli of superelliptic curves, R. Hidalgo, T. Shaska
  • Minimal integral Weierstrass equations for genus 2 curves, L. Beshaj
  • Rational points in the moduli space of genus two, L. Beshaj, R. Hidalgo, S. Kruk, A. Malmendier, S. Quispe, T. Shaska
  • Strong arithmetic mirror symmetry and toric isogenies, C. Magyar, U. Whitcher
  • Inose's construction and elliptic K3 surfaces with Mordell-Weil rank 15 revisited, A. Kumar, M. Kuwata
  • Higher-order Weierstrass weights of branch points on superelliptic curves, C. Shor
  • Poncelet's Porism and Projective Fibrations, E. Previato
  • Extending Runge's method for integral points, A. Levin
  • Self-inversive polynomials, curves, and codes, D. Joyner, T. Shaska
  • Syzygy divisors on Hurwitz spaces, A. Deopurkar, A. Patel
Contemporary Mathematics, Malmendier, Shaska

Advances on superelliptic curves and their applications. Eds. L. Beshaj, T. Shaska, E. Zhupa, NATO Science for Peace and Security Series D: Information and Communication Security, 41. IOS Press, Amsterdam, 2015. xii+375 pp.Contents

  • Preface L. Beshaj, T. Shaska, E. Zhupa
  • The case for superelliptic curves L. Beshaj, T. Shaska, E. Zhupa
  • Weierstrass points of superelliptic curves T. Shaska, C. Shor
  • Theta functions for superelliptic curves L. Beshaj, A. Elezi, T. Shaska
  • Cyclic curves over the reals M. Izquierdo, T. Shaska
  • Reduction of binary forms L. Beshaj
  • Sato-Tate groups of genus 2 curves K. Kedlaya
  • Heights of algebraic curves L. Beshaj, T. Shaska
  • Descent and Covering Collections M. Stoll
  • Chabauty and the Mordell–Weil Sieve S. Siksek
  • Rational points on Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves S. Müller
  • Explicit p-adic methods for elliptic and hyperelliptic curves, J. Balakrishnan
  • Error Correcting Quantum Codes and Algebraic Curves , A. Elezi
  • Graph based cubical multivariate maps and their cryptographical applications, M. Klisowski, V. Ustimenko
  • Weight distributions, zeta functions and Riemann hypothesis for linear and algebraic geometry codes, A. Elezi, T. Shaska
  • Galois geometries, codes, and new invariants for incidence structures, V. Tonchev