2009 Semester 2

 Date  Time  Venue  Speaker  From  Title
 Jul 27  2pm  50-N202  Edward Saff  Vanderbilt University  Discrete Minimal Energy Problems (Colloquium)
 Aug 3  2pm  50-N202  Jose Burillo
 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya,
 Barcelona, Spain
 The Banach-Tarski paradox (Colloquium)
 Aug 11  3pm  67-442  Stephan Tillmann  Maths, UQ  Bounds for the complexity of 3-manifolds
 Aug 18  11am  67-641  Mariano Giaquinta  Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy  Relaxed energies and Cartesian currents in the Calculus of Variations (Analysis Seminar)
 Aug 18  3pm  67-442  Stephan Tillmann  Maths, UQ  Bounds for the complexity of 3-manifolds #2
 Aug 25  3pm  67-442  Nick Coxon  Maths, UQ  Hilbert's tenth problem
 Sept 1  3pm  67-442  Graham Norton  Maths, UQ  A fibrewise free-abelian-group functor
 Sept 8  5:45pm  QUT  Terence Tao  UCLA  The cosmic distance ladder (Public Lecture)
 Sept 9  3pm  07-222  Terence Tao  UCLA  Compression sensing (Colloquium)
 Sept 15  3pm  67-442  Graham Norton  Maths, UQ
 Sept 22  3pm  67-442  Pee Choon Toh  Maths, UQ  The partition function, congruences and Dedekind’s eta function.
 Oct 6  3pm  67-442  Ben Burton  Maths, UQ  Fast, faster, fastest: Algorithms in cryptography and bioinformatics
 Oct 20  3pm  67-442  David Baraglia  Oxford University  G2 manifolds and coassociative fibrations
 Nov 3  3pm  67-442  Vivien Challis  Maths, UQ  Topology optimisation - what, why and how, and the design of multifunctional composites
 Nov 24  3pm  67-442  Ben Burton  Maths, UQ  The feasibility of algorithms in 3-manifold topology
 Dec 14-18    50-T203  Conference    New Directions in Geometric Group Theory