Andrew Rechnitzer University of British Columbia Wed Nov 26 2pm
Counting Elements of Thompson's group F (Colloquium)
Walter Wallis Southern Illinois University Tue Nov 18 2pm
Triangle-free regular graphs (Colloquium)
Peter Tingley University of Melbourne Thurs Nov 13 2pm
A minus sign that used to annoy me but now I know why it is there (Colloquium)  Notes from the talk
Emily Peters UC Berkeley Wed Nov 12 2pm
Planar algebras and knot invariants (Colloquium)
Andrew Kricker Nanyang Technological University Thurs Nov 6 2pm
Ramifications of the Kontsevich Integral in Algebra and Topology (Departmental Seminar)
Stephan Tillmann University of Melbourne Wed Nov 5 2pm              
Algorithmic geometry and topology (Departmental Seminar)
Murray Elder Maths, UQ Tue Oct 7 2pm The Dehn function of Stallings' group
Anne Street Maths, UQ Tue Sept 23 2pm Combinatorics: The first 4000 years
Elise Croft Maths, UQ Tue Sept 16 2pm The Twin Prime Conjecture
Victor Scharaschkin Maths, UQ Tue Sept 9 2pm 2 simple proofs of quadratic reciprocity
Barbara Maenhaut Maths, UQ Tue Sept 2 2pm The Oberwolfach problem for cycles of lengths 3 and 4
Geoff Martin Maths, UQ Tue Aug 26 2pm Embeddings of triple systems
Ole Warnaar Maths, UQ Tue Aug 19 2pm The double affine Hecke algebra made (very) easy
Atif Abueida University of Dayton, USA Tue Aug 12 2pm Cycle extension on two families of graphs
Alexander Kleshchev University of Oregon, USA Tue Aug 5 2pm Polynomial representations of GL(n) and W-algebras
Murray Elder Maths, UQ Tue July 29 2pm Amenability and percolation
Tom McCourt Maths, UQ Tue June 3 3pm The intersection problem for disjoint 2-flowers in Steiner triple systems
Diane Donovan Maths, UQ Tue May 20 3pm Quarter regular biembeddings of Latin squares #2
Diane Donovan Maths, UQ Tue 13 May 3pm Quarter regular biembeddings of Latin squares #1
Anne Street Maths, UQ Tue 29 Apr 3pm An introduction to balanced sequential arrays on the square grid
George Havas ITEE, UQ Tue 22 Apr 3pm Behind and beyond a theorem on groups related to trivalent graphs
Melinda Buchanan Maths, UQ Tue 15 Apr 3pm Coverings, (Kk-e)-designs and Not-the-Bruck-Ryser-Chowla Theorem.
Mile Gu Physics, UQ Tue 8 Apr 3pm Emergent phenomena in nature
Daniel Horsley Maths, UQ Tue 1 Apr 3pm Cycle decompositions of complete graphs
Ian Wanless Monash Univ Thurs 27 Mar 2pm Embedding latin trades in groups and surfaces
Darryn Bryant Maths, UQ Tue 18 Mar 3pm Almost regular edge colourings and regular decompositions of complete graphs
Murray Elder Maths, UQ Tue 11 Mar 3pm Geodesics in infinite groups
Murray Elder Maths, UQ Tue 4 Mar 3pm Pattern avoiding permutations and sorting with stacks
Moshe Rosenfeld University of Washington Tacoma, USA Fri 29 Feb 2pm "Elementary" open problems in discrete geometry
Cathy Baker Mount Allison University, Canada Tue 26 Feb 3pm Skolem communications networks and graphs
Curt Lindner Auburn University, USA Tue 29 Jan 11am The inside-outside intersection problem for hexagon triple systems
Curt Lindner Auburn University, USA Fri 25 Jan 10am Almost resolvable 4-cycle systems
Dean Hoffman Auburn University, USA Tue 15 Jan 11am Super-sudoku squares
Dean Hoffman Auburn University, USA Thu 10 Jan 11am Anti-edge colourings - avoiding rainbows