AK, London, UK
‘We had an amazing time at the apartment!!! You thought of everything!

I am most definitely recommending it to all of my friends and family. Thank-you.

I hope that I can make it back there one day. Take care and thanks again!’

MB, London, UK
‘Praia da Rocha has a great party atmosphere on New Year’s Eve which we loved. The fireworks display was so spectacular.
 I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! The musical entertainment at the beach kept us, literally, on our toes all night! Great atmosphere.

We found the apartment very warm and did not need the aircon at all.

Lots of restaurants open even on New Year’s Day. And so relaxing after all the New Year’s excitement. Definitely coming again!’
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EP, London, UK
We really liked the apartment! So conveniently located. Practically on the beach!

October is the best time to go: we had lovely weather during our stay. And we loved going to the Opera in Portimão. We were in other resorts in the Med but here was by far the best place. Also, the people were very friendly and helpful.

I’m sorry we did not stay longer. We wanted to do more walks to the Marina and on the beach. We’ll have to do them next time!
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