Silk Calla Lilly Wedding Bouquet - Graphic Floral Print

Silk Calla Lilly Wedding Bouquet

silk calla lilly wedding bouquet
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silk calla lilly wedding bouquet - Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler - Luscious
Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler - Luscious
A reusable cold drink tumbler WITH a straw, in my favorite Lilly Pulitzer Luscious print pattern? Yipee! Yes, you can now sip and slurp with stylish Lilly Pulitzer tumblers! Keep cool in summer with your iced coffee to go, or tote your iced tea to the pool in these acrylic tumblers with straw. Then keep yourself hydrated at the office or in class with these designer tumblers. Buy 2 or 4 or more and make a set that can be used again and again at all your Lilly Pulitzer parties or gatherings! Dishwasher SafeBPA-, Phthalate-, and Lead-Free20 ouncesAcrylic tumber with lid and straw

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there was a beautiful bouquet strewn across the ground, but no one noticed. one by one i picked up each golden piece till they were all together. together in my hand as one beautiful, golden bouquet.
This bouquet is in my living room, I can smell it as I walk in the door...not that it's terribly far away, but still, a nice welcome home.

silk calla lilly wedding bouquet
silk calla lilly wedding bouquet
As seen on Masterpiece Theatre
"Sparkling" —The Washington Post
"Captivating" —The New York Times
Walt Whitman called Lillie Langtry "the essence of poetry." James Whistler confessed that even he couldn't capture her beauty in a painting. And George Bernard Shaw declared her "intelligent, daring, and independent." In a BAFTA-winning performance hailed by critics, the incandescently beautiful Francesca Annis (Madame Bovary, Reckless, The Libertine) portrays the acclaimed British actress and courtesan from the blush of youth to the blight of old age.
At a time when society expected women to be docile and demure, Lillie posed for celebrity endorsements, conducted her own business affairs, and paid her first husband to keep his distance. Even more scandalously, she openly entertained a string of lovers among Europe’s elite, including the very married Prince of Wales—all while managing to win the respect and admiration of his wife. With its splendid cast and exquisite production elements, Lillie vividly captures the complex woman who became one of the most infamous figures of the Victorian age.
DVD SPECIAL FEATURES INCLUDE essay about Lillie Langtry's impact on pop culture and cast filmographies.

The real Lillie Langtry (1853-1929) was the original Victorian supermodel and America's first "superstar." Inauspiciously born on the Isle of Jersey, Lillie began life as a small-town tomboy and went on to challenge Victorian society's attitudes toward women. Eventually sought after by painters, photographers, writers, and hostesses, the beautiful Lillie befriended Oscar Wilde, bedded the Prince of Wales, bore a daughter to Prince Louis of Battenburg, owned a California winery and winning racehorses, gained a British title, left a trail of broken hearts behind her wherever she went, and even had a town in Texas named after her. What the controversial Lillie did not gain through marriage, she earned as an actress and notable advertising figure who endorsed everything from soap and cigarettes to bustles.
Originally released in 1979, this 13-part Masterpiece Theatre presentation re-creates Lillie's tumultuous life. The DVD features include well-implemented interactive menus, a slide show, cast filmography, and Web links. While the Victorian and Edwardian details are convincing, the series as a whole has an unfortunate 1970s TV aesthetic--the color and lighting often fail to meet current standards. And although Peter Egan is enthralling as Oscar Wilde, Francesca Annis's performance as Lillie is disappointingly flat. For this reason, Lillie will let down viewers seeking to be inspired by a boldly rebellious Victorian woman. After all, Lillie Langtry was no suffragette. On the other hand, anyone who enjoys a little Wilde-style gossip and social intrigue will find hours of scintillating entertainment in Lillie. --Tara Chace