Fresh Flower Fantasy

fresh flower fantasy
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fresh flower fantasy - Fantasy Rose
Fantasy Rose Flowers Floral Drawer Pull Knob
Fantasy Rose Flowers Floral Drawer Pull Knob
Price is per each round knob as shown in the picture above. High quality wood, measuring 1-3/4 inches diameter. Mounting screw is included for quick and easy installation using a household screwdriver. Each knob is hand-decorated decoupage style and given several coats of a gloss sealant. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing. This knob can be used on cabinets, bureaus, dressers, drawers, cupboards, and bi-fold doors. Mounting screw included is 1-inch-long. Knobs are an inexpensive way to spruce up any room!

85% (7)
Enchanted Fairy Summer Afternoon Wandering Set-1:12 Scale
Enchanted Fairy Summer Afternoon Wandering Set-1:12 Scale
“A Little Tale”... Faeries love to be outdoors. Well, it natural for them… since they are the guardians and keepers of all aspects of nature. Faeries protect and maintain nature day and night year after year without stopping. If you give it a moment’s thought… this is an overwhelming task. A fairy must be forever vigilant. So, it would seem that from time to time, faeries need an afternoon off just to… well, to wander, to be alone and still in the midst of nature’s beauty, and to relax. Well, this was just such a day for our little Fairy. The sun was shining, the clouds in the sky looked like large soft fuzzy cushions, the air was clear, the wind soft and gentle, and the temperature was warm and just right. A perfect day to go wandering in the Enchanted Forest. Being forever on guard, a fairy is always prepared for every activity, even one of leisure. So, our little fairy removed her woodland green tray from the top of one of her cabinets, blew off the dust with one big Pheee, and began gathering just enough supplies for her fun afternoon of wandering and relaxing. She placed a sprig of yellow and white flowers on her tray along with an acorn cap, just in case the sun grew hotter; her fairy blue tulip cup which she removed from its special place in the nook near her bed; a bottle of fresh Unicorn Milk from her ice chest; her beloved crystal ball which had belonged to her great grandmother; and her luminescent magical green jar to hold the found objects she discovered along the way… So, carrying her tray… on which was placed all her wandering items, the little fairy walked…with excitement and determination out of her little cottage in the Enchanted Woods and set off to enjoy her day of wandering and rest. SOLD.
Miniature Enchanted Fairy House
Miniature Enchanted Fairy House
Fairy House in The Enchanted Woods A former rough hewn wooden square flower basket without the handles, which once held the most beautiful daisies, serves as the fairy house itself. It measures 8 ?” at its highest point, 4 1/2” wide, and 3" deep. The top/roof of the house sports a delicate beautiful umbrella made of faux white with blush pink pedals with a fallen twig pole, branches, a nest, and a little bird who decided to take up resident there. Dangling from one side of the roof is a wooden bucket in just the ideal spot when one needs to fetch fresh water from the Enchanted Stream. A teardrop glass “crystal” dangles from the other side and, at night, not doubt, reflects the moon’s light, thus serving as an outside nightlight, on those nights when there is a moon. Attached to one side of the house is a double decker miniature birdhouse and on the other side of the house, the word, “Fleurs”, is branded into the wood. The front top of the Fairy House has bark shingles. And, the handmade house number 33* on a piece of bar adorns the front of the house. Inside the house features a layout with open slats between the pieces of wood that make up the basket. This is a perfect way to let fresh air and sun and moon light into the house. The ceilings are nice and high, thus, allowing a beautiful wire wrapped sparkling pale blue chandelier to hang from the ceiling. The inside decor is very chic, soft, and feminine. Pink and green are the dominant colors.

fresh flower fantasy