Why Alford-Assist

The purpose of Alford-Assist is to allow participating Alfordians to communicate needs across the group, so that others can help. A similar structure has been operating successfully in Egremont for a number of years.

So, for example:

1) You spotted a loose dog on West Road. Whose dog is it?
2) You have a doctor's appointment next week (or even today), and you need a ride;
3) You need to get to the train station, and you don’t want to ask the same friend again!
4) Watch out ... there's a bear going through garbage cans on Crooked Hill Road!
5) You have an emergency and need a caregiver to look after an elderly or disabled family member, or a child;
6) Your hot water heater broke, and you need a plumber;
7) You have a tip to share.

Using Alford-Assist, Alfordians will be able to ask for and hopefully get needed help, quickly while building interpersonal bonds within the community. The benefits should appeal to full-timers and second homeowners alike, and a long-term objective is to enable all of us to live independently, at home, for as long as possible.  This model has been successful in Egremont, and should work here in Alford as well.