My name is Alfonzo Alexy Robertson, and I am a (stuffed) swamp alligator from South Carolina (that's in the USA). At least my Uncle Paul says I was born there, but I don't remember much of my time in the swamp. Afterwards, I lived with Uncle for a little while in Japan (that's a whole ocean away from the USA), but he thought a Mississippi river town would be a better home for me. So now I live with Blair and Eddie in Canton, Missouri. Back in the USA again!

We have had many adventures together, some of which you can read about here

However, this part of the Mississippi river gets really cold in the winter, and I prefer warmer climates. So I'm about to start my journey around the world, utilizing the services of the Post Office, in search of new adventures, new friends, and some lukewarm water to swim in.

Here we are below, Blair (6, on the left), Me (3, in the middle) and Eddie (3, on the right), getting ready for my Farewell Book Party.

Blair (6, on the left), Me and Eddie (3, on the right), preparing for my Farewell Book Party

Blair and Eddie have promised to install an indoor pool (or at least an extra bathtub) for me by my next birthday, November 25th, 2015, so I could stay with them even in the cold winter months. I will be 4 years old then. Do you think a 4-year-old is a grownup? Because I am not ready to grow up yet! I have so much more playing to do.

Anyhow, the plan is to be back here in Canton before I turn 4. During my trip, I hope to meet YOU too, and if you find me in your mailbox, please read my letter carefully, it is of the highest importance that I stay safe on this journey. Blair and Eddie would be devastated if I couldn't come back to nibble on their toes and noses!

Meanwhile, please come back often to read my travel journal, see pictures, participate in games and more!

See you later alligators!