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Hi! This short page its supposed to be the main access to AlfmaniaK's webworld... Hope you enjoy it...


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AlfmaniaK @ Spot

My most recent profile on the web. Spot is the newest service from Sapo.PT, one of the best portuguese internet services provider with several web utilities. I invite you to join it!!




My hi5 profile

Clik in the image above so you can see my Hi5 profile.




MySpace profile

My tryout at MySpace. Clik on it to find me at




My MSN Space

I also have a Live Space available so you can get to know me better...




My Facebox profile

 Here is my profile at Facebox... now in portuguese.




Do you orkut? Here is my profile at orkut. If you don't have a orkut acount probably you won't be able to visit my profile...




The image above, is the National shield of Portugal. If you clik on it you'll get to my homepage, wich is in construction... and will be like that for many years... 




AlfmegalomaniaK Blog

My Blog! Is it?




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