Rua do Norte, nº 96  1200-187 Lisboa - Bairro Alto     +351 21 343 3293

Alface Hall... 

Alface Hall is the spot to relax and have a drink with your friends!

This cosy bar/café, that was once a newspaper print-house, was totally decorated with collectable items to create a unique environment.

We invite you to listen to great music of our vinyl collection, while tasting the best Sgroppino in Portugal, accompanied by one of our famous toasts. 

Also Alface Hall is a cultural spot in Lisbon where, if you’re lucky, you will be able to watch experimental live shows of Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul and so much more.

Alface Hall Agenda:

Next shows:

Everynight Jazz Trio Show: Starting at 22pm

WISE Style*

Alface Hall is proud to sell WISE wear.
Just like Alface Hall, WISE is highly recommended for young, dynamic and urban people.

                         IDENTITY:                                                  FAVORITE SONGS:                                                            FAVORITE LINKS:                                        

                        . Daily 16h - 24h                                            . This is a mans World - James Brown                         

                        . Bar                                                               . Hit the road - Ray Charles                                        

                        . Snacks & Dri                                                 . Sinnerman - Nina Simone                                         *

                        . Music                                                           . My first, my last, my everything - Barry White

                        . Books

                        . Clothes

                        . Portuguese Tiles

                        . Coffee & Friends


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