Alex Ward & The Dead Ends was formed in 2004 to play material from the Alex Ward album "Hapless Days" and other songs written subsequently. We played our first show in January 2005. While theoretically of flexible line-up, in practice it has had two main incarnations: a trio of AW (vocals/guitar/bass), James Sedwards (bass/guitar) and Greig Stewart (drums); and a quartet of AW (guitar/vocals), James Sedwards (guitar), Joe Williamson (bass) and Jem Doulton (drums). A CD-R entitled "LIVE ENDS DEAD" compiled from live recordings of the quartet line-up became available in February 2011. Two studio albums are in the works: an album by the Ward/Sedwards/Stewart trio entitled "SNARES AND DELUSIONS", containing 8 songs written immediately after the completion of "Hapless Days" and recorded over a period of several years thereafter; and an as yet untitled album by the Ward/Sedwards/Williamson/Doulton quartet, which will feature both new material and rearrangements of songs from "Hapless Days" and the Dead Days Beyond Help albums "Access Denied!" and "The Game Face" (basic tracks recorded June 2011, overdubbing/mixing currently underway).