ALEX WARD (guitar & vocals)

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Dead Days Beyond Help formed in 2006 and played their first show in February 2007. Alex Ward initially came to attention in free improvisation circles for his work as a clarinettist with the likes of Derek Bailey and Eugene Chadbourne, while his interests in rock music and composition first became apparent with the band Camp Blackfoot. His guitar playing has been featured with improv power-trio N.E.W. (with Steve Noble and John Edwards), and in recent live collaborations with such avant-rock luminaries as Tatsuya Yoshida, Shoji Hano, Chris Corsano and Weasel Walter. Dead Days Beyond Help teams Alex with virtuosic drummer Jem Doulton (who also has more than a small hand in the work of disturbing pop visionary Mr. Ron Jetson) for an unrestricted exploration of the possibilities of the guitar/drums duo. Their debut album "Access Denied!" (Copepod, 2009) featured a set of 9 compositions by Ward, ranging from intricate and breakneck instrumentals to structurally-straightforward but emotionally scouring song material; while a subsequent limited edition release "The Verbing" (Copepod, 2011) showcased the duo's totally improvised work. Since then, a deluge of new material written jointly by Ward and Doulton has taken DDBH's music far further into uncharted waters, simultaneously more epic and more mind-scramblingly dense. Their live performances feature a wholly unpredictable mix of all these elements, spontaneously balanced by the two musicians without use of a set-list. Veering from violent dissonance to sweeping melancholy, hyper-composed precision to pure improvised abandon, and equally likely to leap at any moment into a wall of flattening noise or the most direct country song, DDBH bypass the pitfalls of irony and the obstacle course of genre by the simple guiding principle: intensity-at-all-costs.


LISTEN TO THE NEW DDBH ALBUM "THE GAME FACE" (released February 2013):
"formidably knotty, complex music which avoids the dry geekiness of US math rock while beating it hands down in terms of intensity and fluidity... Ward’s guitar work leaps between metallic crunch, Fripp-esque tangle and Chadbourne choogle with astounding energy and precision, while Doulton’s drumming swings with commensurate joy and fury" - Derek Walmsley, The Wire.

"Dead Days Beyond Help are just the job after a hard day at the void machine, their precise and frenetic compositions blowing away the debris and cleansing the mind." - Simon Lewis, Terrascope Online.

"Dead Days Beyond Help treat music as something between a four-dimensional sandbox and a hiking trip through the human psyche" - Paul Raven, The Dreaded Press.

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Stream Dead Days Beyond Help's improvised album "The Verbing" here.

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