Alex Ward: clarinet, electric guitar, compositions, direction
Rachel Musson: tenor sax
Tom Jackson: clarinet, bass clarinet
Hannah Marshall: cello
Olie Brice: double bass
Steve Noble: drums (sextet only)

The Alex Ward Quintet was formed to perform the long-form composition "Glass Shelves And Floor", which premiered at the Cafe Oto Project Space in August 2013. The 35-minute work mixes notated and semi-notated material with free and directed improvisation; and, in contrast to the electric instrumentation and rhythm-section-driven approach of Alex's previous bands Predicate and Forebrace, inhabits a soundworld more reminiscent of contemporary chamber music. The Alex Ward Sextet features the same musicians with the addition of Steve Noble on drums, and made their public debut at the Vortex Jazz Club in March 2014 performing a new set-length piece, "Removal".