Collaborators & Research Groups

Alessandro Vespignani

Complex Systems Group at the School of Informatics

Indiana University, Bloomington


Nacho Alvarez-Hamelin 

Alain Barrat

Marc Barthelemy

Katy Borner

Vittoria Colizza

Luca Dall'Asta 

Alessandro Flammini

Santo Fortunato 

Filippo Menczer

Romualdo Pastor-Satorras

Mariangeles Serrano

Alexei Vazquez

Massimo Vergassola

CX-NETS Collaboratory

CX-Nets is the virtual collaboratory of three research groups that despite their far apart geographical locations pursue the same research agenda in close collaboration. The collaboratory web-site is intended as an information exchange points with links to conferences, tools and references useful for the network science scientific community.

CX - Complex Systems Group @ The School of Informatics

This is the group of faculty at the school of Informatics that works on complex adaptive systems and complex network models and their computational applications to both natural science and technology problems.

Complex Systems & Networks @ Indiana University

A self-organized network of people in various academic units at IU, interested in the broad areas of complex systems, network science, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and visualization.

NaN- the Networks and Agent Networks

A group exploring complex systems, adaptive agents, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and complex (information, biological, and social) networks.