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Alex Vaughn & David Lessing - LIVE 2012


Debut Album: Ascending The Falls 
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All About Alex

Alex Vaughn is a Cincinnati, Ohio musician who plays frequent live shows at various venues in his metropolitan area.  During his live performances, Alex uses a hi-tech loop-system which allows him to overlap segments of sound to create a “Full-Band” effect (Bass, Drums, Rhythm, & Lead Guitar ALL-IN-ONE).  His impressive guitar solo’s, matched with his ability to play several different parts of a song, allow him to incorporate a wide array of diverse music into each show. From Bob Marley, to The Beatles, to Jack Johnson, to Sublime, to The Rolling Stones, To Jimmy Buffett…you never know what you will hear next!

Alex has been attributed with performances supporting many nationally accredited groups including, but not limited to: Badfish (A Sublime Tribute), Mike Perkins, Red Wanting Blue, Oval Opus, and Ryan Broshear. In addition, Alex has performed on the network television series Friday’s Live for three years in a row, as well as, recently performed on Cincinnati’s own Channel 12 WKRC Bengals-Nation LIVE broadcast for the 2nd time. 

Alex completed the recording of his debut album, “Ascending the Falls”, at AEC Studios in Athens, Ohio in 2009. Since that time, he has independently sold several thousand copies of his album during his live performances.

Alex is adept to entertaining diverse audiences at bars, family restaurants, private parties, festivals, wine tastings, weddings, as well as, big-band supporting acts.

“Alex Vaughn has thoughtful lyrics & a melodic sensibility that creates a catchy, driven sound which draws a comparison to Jack Johnson.” - Strings Entertainment, 2009

Alex on The Ellen Degeneres Show
Aside from playing music, Alex has a growing "cult" following on the popular social 
media application, Vine. Because of his zany antics, Alex was recently televised 
Nationally on The Ellen Degeneres show for his creative 6 Second remake of the 1993 
Oscar winning film, Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Alex Vaughn on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Alex & David on Channel 12 News

Alex Vaughn on Fridays LIVE

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