From SketchUp to Blender



Google have a free functional version of SketchUp .It's a very good modeling tool with a easy way to texture.

free version exports in format
kmz (Google Earth 4)

Now, let's see how to bring one of these models, textured, from free version of SketchUp to Blender

Kmz format (Google Earth 4) is in truth a compressed file with the 3D model format "Collada" inside, textures and other information.

The Process:

1- We export from SketchUp in kmz Google Earth 4 format

2-You go to the folder where the kmz file was exported, and change the extension of  "file.kmz" to ""

3- Unpack this file, will leave us a two folders and two files. Inside the "models" folder is the DAE file and in the "images" folder are the textures

4- Let's Blender and import the file as "Colada 1.4 (.dae)"

5- At the end to import we will have our model in Blender, with their textures applied

Here a quick rendering of the impor

And with our model in Blender, adjust the lighting, and other parameters for our scene.