Script for Video Effects With Blender an d Gimp


En Español: Script Para Crear Efectos de Video con Blender y Gimp

Some time ago Gez and I talk about the advantages of being able to import a "xcf" Gimp file with their respective layers to create video effects, in addition to other applications.

Victor Barberán created a script that import "xcf" files using xcftools, it shortened the path to be able to do what we had in mind.

Finally I made a script that imports a xcf file and create one plane for each layer imported.

The script requires that you have installed xcftools, in Gutsy can install with synaptic

Preferably starting with a 3D scene empty and "Draw Type = textured"

The script does the following:

- We can find the script on "File - import - XCF layers suite"

- Script options:

  • Create camera orthogonal
  • Create camera perspective
  • not camera

- Then import the file "xcf"

  • Create a plane for each layer imported
  • The appearance of the layers is proportional to the image
  • The name of each plane is the name of the layers
  • the camera is perpendicular to the plane's

After importing must set the camera to cover the image.

- The images of each layer are used as materials in the corresponding level
the materials and textures are named according to each layer imported

- The images are also posted on UV, we can see the image of each plane in the UV window

- the images are placed as a texture and can be used in the Composite nodes with "texture" nodes

The images are packaged in the file blend

If you would like to use with "psd" files of Photoshop, can be opened first Gimp and burn in "xcf"

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Alejandro O. Chocano Vásquez