Computer Vision Course for SSP CCE Spring 2014
Instructor: Dr. Marwan Torki
TA's: Nour Nabil

Course Rules and Regulations
        –5+ sheets(10)
        –project proposal(5)       
        –5+ assignments to serve the final project(40)
        –Bonus questions during class(maximum of 5 points)    
        –lecture/ session missed more than total 7 times during the semester will affect the chance to enter the final exam (No excuses)
        –Only 7 days late during the term are allowed with out any penalty. Any other late day will be punished 1% of the total year work (55) (No excuses)
References for study includes
        Lecture slides (take notes as well). Slides are adopted from many courses mainly of Prof. Kristen Grauman and Prof. Derek Hoeim
        Computer Vision a Modern approach by Forsyth and Ponce Second Edition.
        Computer vision algorithms and application http://szeliski.org/Book
  • Lectures
          Lecture1Lecture2Lecture3Lecture4Lecture5Lecture6Lecture7, Lecture8Lecture9Lecture10Lecture11Lecture12
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 Project Calendar
Week3-Week4: Proposals and group confirmation (5 marks)
Week5-Week6: Run the sample codes in benchmark and work on survey
Week7-Week8: Submit the Survey and point the directions for the future phase (10 marks)
Week9-Week10: Implement solution(s) and report initial results(5 marks)
Week11-Week12: Enhance solution(s)/results and prepare final report(5 marks)
Week13-Week14: Final report and discussion(10 marks for report and 10 for discussions)

Year Work Calendar
Midterm :7th week 
Homeworks: Week 4,6,9,11,13,15 

Two topics (only) will considered for the course project
1- Boundary detection on the Berkeley benchmark dataset  http://www.eecs.berkeley.edu/Research/Projects/CS/vision/grouping/ resources.html   (Coach: Dr. Marwan)
2- Action classification from single image on the PASCAL VOC 12 challenge  http://pascallin.ecs.soton.ac.uk/challenges/VOC/voc2012/index.html (Coach: Eng. Nour)