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Classic Toys Shape Sorting Clock

classic toys shape sorting clock
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Here is a more extended shot of the shelf with the little win-up toys and stuff. Above the wind up robots, there is a set of small clocks shaped like computers, and next to that is a little wind-up toy that came from Subways as part of a kid's-meal thing, related to the old, classic Schoolhouse Rock educational short cartoons they used to show on Saturday mornings in the 1970s. This one was from something called "Figure Eight" and was about a little girl ice-scating the number 8 a lot, or something of the sort. Anyway, it says "Figure Eight" on the side, and when wound up, would roll along a flat surface. Obviously the rest of what you see is... well... books. Mostly stuff related to writing. Somewhere behind the tiki and the wind-up fish (near the bottom of the picture), there is also a small, clear-plastic, yellow cat. About all you can see of it, though, is one little, thin leg behind the tiki, and maybe the edge of one (round) ear.
I just spent 6 hours - SIX HOURS - sorting my LEGO. This is the vast majority of loose stuff I own - but probably only about a third of my entire collection. The rest is in sets, bagged up, on display or part of Tabletown. I've got drawers full of other bits and pieces - small pieces, minifigs etc. Anyway...I've decided to sort purely by colour now - I can't be arsed with sorting by type any more aside from the aforementioned small bits. The stuff in the crate is STILL to sort. But I'm weary now. I HATE SORTING! Dr. S.

classic toys shape sorting clock
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