I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago. 

Here is my  faculty page, also my lab website: DIBS Lab

My Research Interests
Broadly I am interested in how human beings navigate the complex social world by balancing multiple reputational concerns: being moral, honest, fair, loyal, and generous are important concerns that can conflict with one another.  More specifically, I study fairness, intellectual property, signaling and reputation and how these things develop throughout childhood and continue to influence adults' behavior. My other research interests include how people react to others’ hypocrisy,  track others' reputations, and learn to properly discount others' self-promotional strategies.

If you only read one of my papers, Shaw & Olson (2012) is the one I recommend reading.  For two more recent papers,  check out Shaw and colleagues (2017) and Hok and colleagues (in press)