Graduate Students Page

  • "Writing Tips for Ph. D. Students," by John Cochrane. This is the best guide on how to write an effective job market paper, how to give a presentation, etc. Don't just read this, follow the recommendations!
  • This is an example of a job market paper (ZIP archive) in LaTeX. Actually, it's my former job market paper. You can use it as a template for you own JMP. Note that to make it work you would have to install the missing LaTeX packages. This should be done automatically if your computer is connected to Internet. However, it could require TeXiFying the paper repeatedly a couple of times.
  • You can download LaTeX from here (formally, it's MiKTeX), and WinEdt is the editor I personally use & recommend.Make sure you have good internet connection when installing LaTeX. It could take a while (~30 minutes).
  • A PowerPoint presentation that briefly describes the job application process & gives some hint.
  • If you are thinking where to send your paper, I highly recommend using this Australian Business Deans Council (ABDC) Journal Ratings List
  • A very nice tutorial on Breamer - a LaTeX-based tool to develop neat looking presentations.