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Advanced Robotics Lab

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Research interests
General goal: control of dynamic behavior of a wide variety of robotic systems, particularly the articulated floating base systems, e.g. humanoid robots.
In particular, to best utilize the hardware facilities in the Edinburgh Center for Robotics, we are interested in the research of producing skilful, agile, athletic and well coordinated physical interactions of Valkyrie, bi-manual Husky robots.

Research directions:
  • Control algorithms for dynamic robot motion: dynamic locomotion, multi-contact mobility, loco-manipulation.
  • Torque/impedance control for safe and compliant physical-interactions.
  • Machine learning for versatile locomotion of humanoid robots.
  • Transferring human motor control and coordination skills to humanoids.

Research students and visiting researchers can access the hardware facilities in the Robotarium, particularly NASA's Valkyrie robot. For highly motivated students who would like to apply for PhD positions, we encourage you to propose moonshot ideas to best utilize these unique equipment.

Zhibin (Alex) Li, Principal Investigator, Lecturer in Robotics.
Chuanyu Yang, PhD candidate, since 2017 Feb
Iordanis Chatzinikolaidis, PhD Candidate, since 2016 Sep.
Qingbiao Li, PhD Candidate, since 2016 Sep.

I am also a PI in Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar's Statistical Learning & Motor Control (SLMC) Group. Future students in AR lab will have great opportunities to work with SLMC members on solving a wide range of research challenges.

My role as a PhD supervisor

Help PhD students to develop essential skills and qualities for successful academic careers.

Supervised PhD students

Before joining University of Edinburgh, during my 4 years' post-doc in IIT, I have supervised and co-supervised 5 PhD students with Dr. Nikos Tsagarakis and Professor Darwin Caldwell FREng.
  1. Chengxu Zhou, now post-doc in IIT (PhD 2013-2016), 11 peer-review publications from PhD work.
  2. Juan Castano, now post-doc in IIT (PhD 2013-2016), 6 peer-review publications from PhD work.
  3. Wesley Roozing, PhD student, 2014 batch, 2 top journal papers (IEEE transaction of Mechatronics and IEEE RA-Letter) during the first year of PhD.
  4. Yangwei You, 2015 batch, 2 publications (IROS 2015 and CLAWAR 2015) during the first 5 months of PhD.
  5. Songyan Xin, 2016 batch, currently working on whole-body optimization based control of WalkMan humanoid.

Visiting Student
Vincent Thomasset, June to August 2016, Polytech Montpellier, France.

Robotics: Science and Systems

Personal Tutor - CDT in Robotics & Autonomous Systems
Personal Tutor - Informatics MSc Students
Project supervision -
MSc Dissertation, Honours Project