Alexandre Poirier

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Georgetown University


You can find a current CV here and my SSRN page here.

Accepted and published papers

"A quantile correlated random coefficients panel data model" (2018) 
with Bryan Graham, Jinyong Hahn, and James Powell
Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 206 (2), pp. 303–335.
Paper | Published version | Supplemental appendix | Data | Stata do file 

with Matthew Masten
          Econometrica, Vol. 86 (1), pp. 317–351.
          (Companion Stata Module in progress)  

"Efficient estimation of models with independence restrictions" (2017)
Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 196 (1), pp. 1–22.

"Estimation of models with multiple-valued explanatory variables" (2017)
with Nicolas L. Ziebarth
          Forthcoming at the Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 
Paper | Supplemental appendix | SSRN

Working papers

"Interpreting quantile independence" (2018)
with Matthew Masten
           Paper | arXiv

"Inference on breakdown frontiers" (2017)
with Matthew Masten

"Random effects quantile regression" (2016)
with Antonio Galvao

"Partial independence in nonseparable models" (2016)
with Matthew Masten
Note: portions of this working paper now appear as part of "Identification of treatment effects under conditional partial independence" (2018) and "Interpreting quantile independence'' (2018)

Work in progress

"Continuous GMM quantile regression" 
with Sergio Firpo, Antonio Galvao, Cristine Pinto, and Graciela Sanroman

"Efficiency in semiparametric nonseparable models" 

Other published work

"How should the graduate economics core be changed?" (2011)
with Jose Miguel Abito, Katarina Borovickova, Hays Golden, Jacob Goldin, Matthew Masten, Miguel Morin, Vincent Pons, Israel Romem, Tyler Williams, and Chamna Yoon
Journal of Economic Education, 42 (4), pp. 414–417.