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10" Gyuto/Chefs Knife, AEB-L

This is the first knife I finished, although not the first I started.

It is made from Bohler-Uddeholm AEB-L steel and Heat treated to 61 HRC by Devin Thomas.

It is a 10" kitchen knife, similar in shape and thickness to both a Japanese Gyuto and Santoku ( It is thinner and harder than a European chef's knife, allowing easier cutting, but also making the knife a little more delicate. The edge curves from the tip to a point about halfway along the blade, and then runs straight to the heel. I choose this profile because the belly near the tip allows a rocking motion, for mincing, and a straight push cut through vegetable and meat using the edge between the midpoint and the heel.

The knife is flat ground, i.e. the sides are flat, rather than hollow ground (concave) or convex ground. The knife is double beveled i.e. it is sharpened on both sides, like most knives, not single beveled (or chisel grind) like some japanese knives.

The knife was made on a Sears Craftsman 2x42 belt grinder.

This picture shows the (poor) finish of the blade initially before polishing.

Here is a picture showing the improved finish, polished to 600 grit.

Since these pictures were taken I removed the handle from the knife as it the epoxy joint had opened up. Since I was making a new batch of handles I will be replacing it with one of those, pictures to follow.