Alexander Michaelides

Alexander Michaelides

Professor of Finance

Imperial College Business School

Imperial College London

South Kensington Campus

London SW7 2AZ

E-Mail: a[dot]michaelides at


Research Interests:

Macro-Finance (Heterogeneous Agent Models, Portfolio Choice, Asset Pricing).

Household Finance

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Working Papers


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The Cyprus Bail-in, May 2016, (co-edited with A. Orphanides), Imperial College Press (World Scientific).

Chapters in Books

    • Asset and Debt Participation of Households: Opportunities and Challenges in Eliminating Borders. 2019. Chapter in book co-edited by F. Allen, E. Faia, M. Haliassos and K. Langenbucher. Capital Markets Union and Beyond, MIT Press.

    • Case Study on Cyprus for World Bank Case Studies pre and post BRRD (Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive), 2016.

    • Calibration and Computation of Household Portfolio Models (with Michael Haliassos). 2002. Chapter 2 of a volume on Household Portfolios, edited by Luigi Guiso, Michael Haliassos and Tullio Japelli. MIT Press, pp. 55-101.

Co-edited Special Issues

Calvet, L., M. Haliassos, and A. Michaelides (Editors), Special Issues on Household Finance, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Cambridge University Press, October 2015.