What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers.  ~Logan Pearsall Smith, "All Trivia," Afterthoughts, 1931

This portfolio showcases my, Alexandra Mathieu's, writing in my AP Literature and Composition class. The three types of writing I have and will be doing throughout the year are analysis, creative/memoir, and research writing. Summaries of each assignment are under their respective page. My teacher, Mr. Gallagher, has a progressive way of teaching which includes more creative writing than the standard writing. This is not to say that I do not do the three essay types found on the AP exam. On the contrary, Mr. Gallagher has timed essays using past AP essay prompts. However, he manages to balance this out with an ample number of discussions and other types of assignments. These assignments, while some of them are fun, they mostly challenge me to think on a deeper level and question ideas such as a universal truth and the human condition. My work is far from perfect (whose work ever is?) however it does show my personal style of writing while providing insights on poems, novels, and my life. Remember that my ideas are MY IDEAS so plagiarism in any form is not only an insult to whoever grades your papers, but a personal offense against me. With that closing note, I encourage you to go through my site and enjoy.

-Alexandra Mathieu