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6th Grade Social Studies

TUESDAY, 3.12 

Monotheistic Religions

Click on the link below your station:

Station 2: The Western Wall
Station 4: Church of the Sepulchre
Station 6: Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif 

Thursday, 2/7

1. Visit the site below, and click on 

The Empire of Alexander, 325 B.C. 

2. Click on the link below.
     1)  Read the passage to find 2 causes and 2 effects of Alexander the Great's conquests and expansion. 
    2) As you find the causes and effects, describe them in the correct column.

(2 are causes and 2 are effects)
 -Greek city-states 
-Goal of Phillip (and Alexander) 
-Hellenistic Culture         



Copy and paste the  link below to access Social Studies terms for this week:



Use the Interactive Map of Mesopotamia (Below) and pg. 22 to complete today's activity.


Kahoot Link
Mysteries of Catal Huyok Activity
Visit  www.smm.org/catal to complete today's activity.

Complete the webquest below. Record your answers in your SS notebook.
Copy and Paste the link below in the Chrome Browser:

Thursday, 11.16 - Friday, 11.17

Click on the link below to complete the Ancient Egypt WebQuest:

Tuesday and Wednesday, 10-24-25

1. Click on the link below to  research the  development of the first civilization in the Fertile Crescent:
2. Use your sheet with the three maps of the Fertile Crescent to complete the top part of the map sheet.
3. Complete the bottom of the map sheet.
1. pgs. 55, 58 in your text.
Tuesday and Wednesday, 9.26-27.17

Click in the link below to complete today's activity.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Today we will take practice taking the Social Studies LEAP test.
To accesss the site click on the link below:

Username: social6
Password: demo1234

Wednesday, 1/18/17
To complete today's activity, copy the link below and paste it in the address bar. 

Wednesday, 10/19/16
Ancient Egypt:
To complete today's activity, click here: 
Early Finishers: Click here:

Wednesday, 10/12/16
Ancient Egypt
TO complete today's activity, click here: http://ancientegypt.co.uk/menu.html 

Wednesday, 9/21/16
Catal Huyuk
To complete today's activity, click here: https://www.smm.org/catal/

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