Dr. Alexis Berg

Land surface climate, continental water cycle, land-climate interactions

Dominican Rep. Photo: A.Berg

Hello! Welcome to my webpage.

Since March 2022 I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Montreal, in Montreal, Québec. I am also an Associate of the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at Harvard University.

As an Earth System scientist, my research interests center around global hydrology, terrestrial (agro)-ecosystems and land surface climate. I seek to understand how these components interact within the Earth System, in the context of global climate & environmental changes, and what this means for future water, agricultural and ecosystem resources human society depends on.

Central to these issues are the water/vegetation/atmosphere interactions taking place at the land-atmosphere interface. Indeed, the energy, water and carbon cycles are tightly coupled at the land surface, in myriads of ways. The complexity of these land-atmosphere processes, ranging from plant physiology to boundary layer dynamics, is further compounded by the high spatial (and temporal) heterogeneity of the land surface, human perturbations (e.g., land-use change, irrigation), etc.

My research is motivated by the desire to better understand how this nexus of coupled processes operate across a range of spatial and temporal scales, how they can best be represented in land/climate models, and ultimately how they modulate large-scale responses of climate, vegetation and hydrology in terms of variability, extremes, and changes under greenhouse warming. I am particularly interested in the role land-atmosphere processes play in future trends in droughts and aridity under climate warming.

To address such questions, my works relies on theory, analysis of large-scale observational data and a suite of modeling tools, from land surface models to Earth System Model simulations.

More about my research here.

Contact information:

Dr. Alexis Berg

Département de Géographie / Geography Department

University of Montreal / Université de Montréal

Complexe des sciences

1375 Avenue Thérèse-Lavoie-Roux

Montréal (Québec) H2V 0B3


alexis dot maximilien dot berg at umontreal dot ca

alexis_berg at fas dot harvard dot edu