Dr. Alexis Berg

Land-Climate Interactions

Hello! Welcome to my webpage.

I am an Associate Research Scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University, in Prof. Eric Wood's Terrestrial Hydrology Research Group.

Research Interests:

Land-climate interactions, hydroclimate, land surface hydrology, terrestrial ecosystems and climate, ecohydrology, land-use/land-cover change and climate, land surface modeling, climate change.

I am an Earth System Scientist who is interested in how land surface processes associated with hydrology and vegetation interact with the Earth's climate, and how these interactions will shape the response of our environment to man-made greenhouse warming.

My research relies mostly on land surface and climate model simulations, and analysis of large-scale observations.

From Berg et al. (2017), multi-model median change (%) in 3-meter soil moisture from 25 climate models by 2100 under a business-as-usual scenario. A lot of my research revolves around understanding both the causes and consequences of this pattern in terms of vegetation and climate.

Contact information:

Dr. Alexis Berg

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Princeton University

E-208 E-Quad

Princeton, NJ 08544

Email: ab5 at princeton dot edu