Associate Research Scholar

Princeton University 

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

General Research Interests:
Land-atmosphere interactions, climate variability and change, terrestrial water cycle, climate and terrestrial ecosystem modeling, land-use/land-cover change and climate, climate impacts on global vegetation and agro-ecosystems

Since April 2016, I am an Associate Research Scholar at Princeton University, in CEE, in Justin Sheffield's group. I am working on the evaluation of land-atmosphere interactions in climate models.

Prior to that, I was an NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at the IRI, at Columbia University. I was hosted by Alessandra Giannini. My project focused on the role of soil moisture-atmosphere interactions in climate models' simulations and projections of the West African Monsoon.

My first postdoc was at Rutgers University, with a visiting appointment at GFDL (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory). I was working with Kirsten Findell (GFDL), Benjamin Lintner (Rutgers University), and Pierre Gentine (Columbia University). My work focused on diagnosing land-atmosphere coupling and its impact on climate variability in reanalysis and climate models.

Before moving to the US, I obtained my PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France, working at IPSL. I was working with Nathalie de Noblet (LSCE-IPSL) and Benjamin Sultan (LOCEAN-IPSL). I included a representation of tropical croplands in the land surface model ORCHIDEE to study crop-climate interactions in tropical regions.

Contact information:

Alexis Berg
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Princeton University
E-208 E-Quad
Princeton, NJ 08544

ab5  at princeton dot edu

Some obvious instance of land-atmosphere interaction
(photo by D.Gourdon)