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Tom Riding of Snow Star has scanned in the original Camper and Nicholson handbook.
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It's time to put the cards on the table, we, the crew of Alexina are hopelessly biased, we love our Nicholson 38. When you are reading this remember our bias.

The Nicholson 38 first saw light of day on the drawing board of John G. Alden, the noted American Naval architect

Camper & Nicholsons bought the design rights in the mid sixties. The design was converted from a centre-boarder to a conventional long keeler. Originally conceived by C&N as a motor-sailer but this label was quickly forgotten when she won the Yachting World One of a Kind Rally for motor-sailers being by far the fastest under sail and sail and power combined. The accommodation comprised of three separate cabins and two heads and the standard of finish was top class. Many 38s had teak laid decks laid on the GRP deck. Production ceased in the mid-70s when they were found to be too expensive to build.  This paragraph has been shamelessly lifted from the website of Kings Easton Yacht brokers, the acknowledged specialists in Camper and Nicholson yachts.

You can find a short history of Camper and Nicholson here.

When we first alighted on the idea of a Nicholson 38 we were unsure of the worth of the enclosed wheelhouse, no doubt it would be wonderful for sailing British waters to be in the warm (it is) but in the blazing heat of the Mediterranean? We soon learnt that the cover gives welcome shade and keeps the boat enviably cool.

How does she sail? We always answer this by saying that she sails like Hattie Jacques in her matron personna, sweeping all ahead of her as she majestically enters the ward. OK, this might be a bit cryptic but we like it.

Nicholson 38 adventures:

Mauna Kea made an early circumnavigation crewed by Beate Kammler and her husband, they wrote about it in their book "Komm, wir segeln um die Welt"

Conche made many interesting passages in the far Northern seas and also went transatlantic. Her adventures are detailed in the book   "The Sailing Cruiser" by W.M. Dixon.

Blue Spurr Circumnavigated crewed by Dave, Shelby and their daughter Sarah Milner.

Notre Dame d'Esperance also circumnavigated with a family crew, their exploits were on the web but appear to have disappeared.

Blue Idyl, captained by Hugh C.H. Merewether also reportedly circumnavigated as did Lanturlu IV captained by Denis Chevalier.