History Of Alexina of Shoreham
The Story of a Camper and Nicholson 38. Gosh! this page is dull and boring, we promise to liven it up soon with piccies and other information.

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 The Nicholson 38 was based on a design by John Alden in America. Camper and Nicholson bought the design and changed it from a centreboard to a long keel.

Alexina was built in Camper and Nicholsons yard in Gosport in 1969. The hull was moulded by Halmatic.  She is Hull No. 30, Yard No. 976, Off. No. 336587 and Sail Number 2454.

She was built for R. Mac Donald Hall, at that time the agent for Neco and Brookes and Gatehouse in the Eastern Mediterranean.  She was launched as "Yia Chara".  For her time she was a luxury yacht. Jeremy Lines, who worked in the yard remembers Mr. Hall arriving by helicopter to check on progress. After launch she sailed to Athens where she was shown at the "Posidonia 69" exhibition.

Owners since:

1971-1971 M.A.H Christie , Yia Chara

1971-1974 C.W. Audsley, Alexina

1974-1976 C.W. Hutchinson, Charnid

1976-1980 ?

1980-? J.P. Meller, Charnid

1981-1986 R. M. Sanderson, Charnid


1990-1995 J. Webster, Charnid

? - ? John Nicholson, Charnid

?-2002 David Sword Fletcher, Charnid

2002-date Peter Sturdgess, Alexina of Shoreham




We were lucky enough to purchase Alexina from David Sword Fletcher in August 2002, who had clearly loved her.  At that time she was called Charnid and was lying ashore at Lincombe Boatyard near Salcombe. 

Peter was still in full time work and Helen a full time mum and part time worker.  So we had little time to move the boat.  A delivery skipper was commissioned to sail her to Brighton.

Charnid was delivered, safely, to us in September 2002. The first thing we did was to research her history. Doing this we discovered that at one time she was called Alexina. Such a lovely name for her, Alexina she became once again. We stayed in Brighton  for the first 12 months, working night and day saving our pennies for our big trip. We made few changes, just a new cooker and battery charger.  A small fortune was spent on all those little bits you need on a boat, like a new dinghy, liferaft, outboard, nice matching set of melamine tableware, handheld VHF, new oilies and wellies, charts, almanacs and much, much more. 

Both Peter and I left work at the end of August 2003 ready for our shakedown cruise.

We left Brighton Marina 2am one morning and headed west towards Falmouth. Tiger, at the grand age of 3, sat in a car seat that fitted snugly in the cockpit. We stopped off at the Solent, Weymouth, Brixham, Dartmouth, Plymouth, Fowey, Salcombe and, finally, Falmouth. The weather was kind and Alexina had no problems. We soon learnt that she was a much better sailor than us and to let her get on with it!

We spent the winter at Falmouth, Helen working, Tiger attending the local nursery school and Peter doing more preparation on the boat. He insulated the inside of the hull with closed cell foam, updated and increased the batteries, installed a new DSC VHF radio, a Power Management Panel, a new 45lb. CQR anchor, attached solar panels and modernised the chest fridge with an efficient compressor and accumulation plate.

We were now ready for the big adventure.