2007 Marmaris to Marmaris
The year in which we did the East Mediterranean Yacht Rally and the Kingfisher Cruise

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November 2007

For the best of our photos for 2007 look here.

Well it might not seem a lot to go from Marmaris to Marmaris but this was our busiest cruising season ever in which we visited three continents in a circular route.

We left Marmaris in mid April and cruised gently south east  in company with Matthew and Pauline aboard Pina Colada. After some deliquent hanging around at anchor for a few weeks in the secluded delights of Kekova we got onto the fast track and joined the East Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMYR) at Kemer.

The EMYR was a whirlwind of experiences, new friends and a valuable lesson in the problems of the Middle East. Too soon it was over and we journeyed back to Marmaris via Cyprus and Kekova Roads again.

Everything has its cost, we returned to the UK laying up Alexina for the busy, very hot months of July and August. Peter worked as a removals man with White's Plc and Helen worked as a waitress in the Swan public house. We busied ourselves when not working sorting out paperwork and a blizzard of new parts for Alexina.

Returning in September we found Alexina under a thick layer of dust in a boatyard that had doubled in size in our absence. We soon launched and were away for a decadent two months of late summer/autumnal cruising with chums on Maritea, Mianda, Second Nature and many others. This cruise was named the "Kingfisher Cruise" in honour of the many Kingfishers we saw.

Early November we crawled back into our winter berth in Marmaris for our second winter here and a list of todos that promised a busy winter.