2006 Levkas to Marmaris
In which we battle with the  Meltemi and graduate as cruisers

In this year we really felt as though we began to relax into our new lifestyle. We are much more practiced at the arts of cruising and are no longer cowed by the prospect of strong weather.

Launching on  our traditional date, 14th April we dallied a while in the Ionian with chums on board Shaitanne, Sea Thrift and Rainbow.


But soon the South was calling, we transited the Culf of Corinth and the Corinth Canal to emerge in the Aegean. This was to be a year of travelling in company. In Hydra we met Maritea, instantly, bonded by a single shared word Tiger and Juliette became the best of friends and we cruised together.

At first the Aegean was benign, we drifted from Isle to Isle with scarcely a care. This sybaritic lifestyle was not to last, after a pleasant visit to the volcano torn island of Santorini we dropped anchor in the idyllic surroundings of "No Wind Bay" in Ios. That night the Meltemi started to blow, 50 knot winds with the occasional60 knot blast on the beam.

Blown hither and thither by the Meltemi we ducked from sheltered anchorage to sheltered anchorage before giving up and running for the comparative calm of the Turkish coast where we met old chums Limerence and new chums Naia, featuring Hannah, a six year old who was to share a winters school with Tiger in Marmaris.

But before that we voyaged South to the fabled anchorages of Kekova with Maritea, Pina Colada and Blaze.  Finally, as though all of this were not enough we made a  tour of the Dodecanese islands of Tilos, Nisiros and Simi before a mad dash to Marmaris ahead of the first bad storm of the year.

See here for our selection of the best photos of the year.