2005 Rome to the Ionian
We start to cruise in company with others, visit volcanoes and island hop

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 We left Rome in company with chums Ray and Sandra on Stratagem for a rollicking downwind sail. 

 Our first significant stop was the idyllic island of Ponza where we met other chums Claes and Maj from Casta Diva.  After a few days the weather was less than idyllic and we beat a hasty retreat on Tiger's birthday to the shelter of the other side of the island.

From Ponza we drifted down the Italian mainland visiting as many islands as we could. Highlights, Ventotene and a Roman harbour, lowlights,  Capri and a request for one hundred euros for a nights berth (we went elsewhere)

We went volcano spotting in Vulcano and climbed Etna after braving the Homeric dangers of the Straits of Messina. Saying goodbye to Italy and the grumpy police we crossed to Corfu, land of feta, ouzo and cricket.

We became lazy island hoppers, olive oil in Paxos, turtles in Zakinthos. We even explored the inland sea of Amvraka. The only blot on the horizon was the failure of our camera. You will have to rely on our written word.

Eventually the clouds gathered and the weather forecasts became less encouraging. We hastened to Vlikho on Levkas where Alexina was laid up in a traditional boatyard and we rented a typical Greek house for the winter in order to give Alexina some much needed attention.


Take a look at some of the best images of 2005.